Quiz Answers: Where does Kentucky stand?

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1. In 1990, just prior to Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), Kentucky consistently ranked among the lowest of all states on various education indicators. Where do we rank today?

a.        We’re still among the lowest performing states.

b.        We’re in the middle of the pack.

c.        We’re among the highest performing states.

Answer: B. According to Education Week’s 2016 Quality Counts report, Kentucky ranked 27th among all states (moving up two places from the previous year). Yes, there’s still work to do, but Kentucky should be proud of the progress made the last 25 years. Let’s keep the momentum going!

2. True or False: Kentucky is above the national average for high school graduation rates.

T.        Oh yeah, we’re ahead!

F.        No way, I think we’re below average

Answer: True. Kentucky’s graduation rate is 82%, with the national average at 78.2%. And we’re gaining ground quickly. According to Education Week’s 2016 Quality Counts report, Kentucky ranked in the top 10 in improvement in its graduation rate between 2002 and 2012. We’re also closing the gap quickly.  According to Gradnation.org, “Kentucky finds itself in an enviable and unusual position. It has not only one of the highest graduation rates in the country but also one of the smallest gaps between the number of low-income and non-low-income graduates, despite a poverty rate above the national average,” reporting on research from John’s Hopkins University’s School of Education.

3. Where do Kentucky students rank for math and reading proficiency?

a.        Our students aren’t making the grade.

b.        Our students are in the middle of the pack.

c.        Our students are best in class.

Answer: B.  According to Education Week’s Quality Counts report, Kentucky ranked 24th among states for 4th and 8th grade combined proficiency scores and in the top 6 for its proficiency rate of improvement from 2003-2015. Keep it up, Kentucky!

4. Kentucky was among the first of 42 states to adopt higher standards in our classrooms put forth by the National Governor’s Association. How long have these standards been taught?

a.        They are brand new

b.        Less than 5 years

c.        More than 5 years

d.        I didn’t know we adopted new standards.

Answer: C.  Kentucky students have been learning at a higher level for nearly 7 years. Kentucky’s legislature committed to new academic standards in English/language arts and mathematics in 2009.  Senate Bill 1 required the standards promote creative and critical thinking skills and define the minimum that Kentucky students are expected to know at every grade level to prepare them for jobs of the future. Let’s keep them on track.

5. Are Kentucky’s students increasing college and/or career readiness?

a.        Yes!

b.        No.

c.        Making progress

Answer: We’re getting there! The number of students who tested college and career ready increased 20% between 2012 and 2015. Let’s keep the momentum going! Thanks for taking our quiz. Get in the game and help us spread the word that Kentucky education is on its way up.

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