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Slam Dunk Kentucky is committed to help build on the momentum in Kentucky’s schools, keeping our heads in the game to elevate students to the next level of success. This site includes resources for educators, interviews with teachers, students and education advocates, statistics on academic achievement and progress reports related to Kentucky's higher educational standards.

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Sep 26, 2017 | No Comments

Kentucky’s business community supports a strong school accountability system

Apr 28, 2017 | No Comments

The state’s business community supports a strong school accountability system to make sure our students are making the academic progress that will ensure their success in the future. Here’s an op-ed by Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson. Click to read article


Dec 15, 2016 | No Comments

Have you heard about the Every Student Succeeds Act? It’s a new law that gives our community the power to make sure our schools are supporting all of our students. Learn more about this law and how you can play a role in it. An acronym worth knowing: Federal education law, ESSA, offers opportunity for […]


  • “In my classroom, you will see students creating multimedia presentations like pod-casts. Since the implementation of the common core standards, I am able to teach easily, and with guidance, all of my students get to choose their own projects. You are going to see really rigorous work happening in my classroom…some projects you would never suspect a 15 or 16 year old could do.”

    10th grade teacher, Shelby County

    - Carrie Patrick

  • “Kentucky’s academic standards are set for higher level thinking. There is a lot of metacognition involved; meaning, they have to think about what they are thinking about. The new core standards have allowed me to revamp my approach to teaching. I have been to several professional developmental programs and have learned a lot of new strategies for our curriculum to go a long with our standards.”

    8th year of teaching, Stevenson Elementary School, Logan Co.

    - Cassie Reding

  • “Kentucky standards make sure every child should reach a specific educational level at a certain grade. This really puts pressure on teachers to make sure that they put the scaffolding in place to ensure that all students achieve at high levels.”

    Teaching for 11 years, Wesport Middle, Jefferson

    - Sarah Yost

  • “Kentucky Academic Standards prompt the deeper approach to social studies teaching. The reading of historical documents or scientific articles strengthens student literacy.”

    5th Grade Teacher, John G. Carlisle Elementary, Covington

    - Tiffany Gruen

  • “Kentucky is the model for how to improve education for the country. People are coming to our state saying how did you do this? How did you nearly double your college and career readiness scores? How did you improve your ACT scores? And we are showing them that we have adopted these standards that have more rigor and people are impressed and trying to duplicate that across the country.”

    President, C-Forward, Inc., Covington

    - Brent Cooper

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