Looking for a slam dunk to help your children get ahead?  We will help you cut through the myths, clutter and anxiety. This site was designed as a simple way to personally connect with Kentuckians and show the broad range of support for Kentucky’s educational standards and all their successes. With this website and social platform, such as utilizing our facebook page, twitter, and youtube, we will add new testimonials, news articles, and other good news to showcase different voices of support for our Kentucky’s educational standards.

Education standards are nothing new. If you check out the full history and timeline of when we adopted the new standards, you will see that it all started back in 2009. Kentucky and many other states have had standards to guide classroom work for decades – guidelines that reflect what students should know and be able to do at each grade level.  The difference today is that Kentucky’s standards are more demanding.  Kentucky standards focus is on making sure all students can succeed in an economy and society that is rapidly changing and will continue to do so in the future.

As you join our team, the Slam Dunk Kentucky community, there is no cost out of pocket and we will not sell or give away your information, this simply helps us all stay connected within our communities, as well as stay up to date on important educational issues. As part of the team, we will send you winning plays and coaching to help your children learn and help you be a champion for Kentucky education!